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ISO 18468:2017

مواصفة قياسية دولية   الإصدار الحالي

Ductile iron fittings, accessories and their joints and valves — Epoxy coating


ISO 18468:2017 specifies the requirements and test methods applicable to factory applied epoxy coatings (fusion bonded or 2-pack liquid epoxy) for ductile iron fittings and accessories supplied to ISO 2531 and ISO 7186, and ductile iron valves.

It covers internal and external coatings for use in the conveyance of raw water, potable water and waste waters for operating temperatures up to 60 °C.

ISO 18468:2017 contains specifications for performance tests and routine tests of the coating.

15 يونيو 2017
أنابيب الحديد والفولاذ
* أنابيب الفولاذ والمواسير للاستخدام الخاص، انظر 77.140.75


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23.22 BHD

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