ISO 24552:2020

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Ergonomics — Accessible design — Accessibility of information presented on visual displays of small consumer products


This document specifies the methods to improve accessibility of the visual display on small consumer products in order to minimize inconveniences that a variety of users including people with disabilities and the elderly can experience while using those products.

In particular, this document focusses on how to present information on small visual displays to make the product more accessible for older people and people with low vision or colour deficiency. The provision of different modalities or alternative ways of displaying information to make the product more accessible is not covered in this document. This document only covers accessibility with regard to visual presentation of information, not audio or tactile-based display methods.

NOTE 1 Accessibility of a product can be enhanced by adopting alternative means to the visual presentation of the information, which is not covered in this document. For information about alternative forms of presentation, ISO/IEC Guide 71, ISO 9241‑112 and ISO 9241‑171 can be useful.

NOTE 2 A comprehensive catalogue of accessibility needs and strategies for accommodation for all users (not only those with visual impairments) is out of scope for this document. Readers interested in this regard can refer to ISO/IEC 29138‑1.

This document applies to various consumer products equipped with digital displays, in which the information about operation of the product is visually presented. The products are usually equipped with built-in display panels. The consumer products include those hand-held products that can be easily carried by the user or those that are not portable but equipped with small displays, though the size of the product or the display is not specified in this document.

NOTE 3 This document focusses on the accessibility of small displays, regardless of the size of the consumer product.

NOTE 4 Examples include, but are not limited to, electronic thermometers, digital cameras, air-conditioning systems, remote controllers.

This document is not applicable to those products with high flexibility or adjustability in presenting information on the display. Some examples are web- or application-based displays of ICT devices such as smart phones, smart TVs, and tablet PCs. It is not applicable to touch-based displays that have both the functions of display and control. Some examples are touch interfaces of smart watches or digital cameras. Finally, accessibility issues relating to indicating lamps/lights used for simple alerts or alarm are covered in ISO 24550 and are not considered in this document.

NOTE 5 There are many accessibility issues in the touch interface related to information presentation as well as control function and they need to be dealt with together.

It is possible that some guidance of this document is not applicable to some products, such as oral or ear thermometers, which have extremely small in-built displays.

11 مارس 2020



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