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Refrigerating systems and heat pumps — Competence of personnel

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* مكيفات الهواء، انظر 23.120 * الثلاجات، انظر 71.100.45 * الثلاجات المنزلية، انظر 97.040.30 * الثلاجات في المجال التجاري، انظر 97.130.20

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This document defines the activities related to refrigerating systems according to ISO 51491, ISO 51492, ISO 51493 and ISO 51494 and other equivalent standards, such as EN 3781, EN 3782, EN 3783, EN 3784 and the associated competence profiles. It also establishes the competence criteria for persons who carry out these activities. Activities concerning electricity are excluded.

NOTE 1   As a refrigerating circuit is considered not to incorporate electrical and electronic systems, activities in this area are not part of this document. National regulations or appropriate International or national standards can be referred to for competence on electrical and electronic systems.

NOTE 2   This document does not apply to persons carrying out work on self‑contained refrigerating systems as defined in ISO 51491 or EN 3781, from the initial design of the product to the complete manufacture of the product, provided the process is controlled and the methods used are checked by an organization or individual responsible for the conformance with statutory requirements on health, safety and environment (e.g. energy efficiency).

NOTE 3   This document does not constitute a training programme.

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