ISO 30422:2022

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Human resource management — Learning and development


This document gives guidance for the organization of learning and development in the workplace. This guidance is concerned with formal and informal learning that addresses short-term operational needs and the long-term skills needs of an organization as well as the career-related and life-long learning needs of individual workers as these align with organizational context and strategy. The administrative operations connected with the organization of learning and development are outside the scope of this document.

In this document, where any process involving one-to-one or group interaction is referred to, such interaction can be either face-to-face or through some form of online technology.

Organizations include both commercial and non-profit employers of all sizes which directly employ individuals. The guidance principles set out in this document apply to all workers who have a relationship with the organization, such as contractors, subcontractors, trainees, interns and volunteers when they work on behalf of the organization in some contractual or non-contractual capacity.

17 مايو 2022
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