ISO 25550:2022

مواصفة قياسية دولية   الإصدار الحالي

Ageing societies — General requirements and guidelines for an age-inclusive workforce


This document provides requirements and guidelines to achieve an age-inclusive workforce, which has the potential of adding value for organizations, workers, communities and other stakeholders. This document enables organizations and other stakeholders to develop, implement, maintain and support an age-inclusive workforce. It provides opportunities for older workers, working internal or external to the organization, to be productive.

This document is applicable to all organizations regardless of type or size, and to all work arrangements and all forms of relationships between organizations and workers.

While organizations need to be inclusive of all workers regardless of age, these requirements and guidelines focus specifically on older workers.

NOTE     It does not imply that younger workers are excluded. Organizations can tailor these requirements and guidelines according to their own role and specific context.

10 فبراير 2022
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