ISO/IEC 30137-1:2024

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Information technology — Use of biometrics in video surveillance systems — Part 1: System design and specification

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The ISO/IEC 30137 series is applicable to the use of biometrics in VSSs (also known as closed circuit television or CCTV systems) for a number of scenarios, including real-time operation against watchlists and in post-event analysis of video data. In most cases, the biometric mode of choice will be face recognition, but this document also provides guidance for other modalities, such as gait recognition.

This document:

     defines the key terms for use in the specification of biometric technologies in a VSS, including metrics for defining performance;

     provides guidance on the selection of camera types, placement of cameras, image specification, etc., for the operation of a biometric recognition capability in conjunction with a VSS;

     provides guidance on the composition of the gallery (or watchlist) against which facial images from the VSS are compared, including the selection of appropriate images of sufficient quality, and the size of the gallery in relation to performance requirements;

     makes recommendations on data formats for facial images and other relevant information (including metadata) obtained from video footage, used in watchlist images, or from observations made by human operators;

     establishes general principles for supporting the operator of the VSS, including user interfaces and processes to ensure efficient and effective operation, and highlights the need to have suitably trained personnel;

     highlights the need for robust governance processes to provide assurance that the implemented security, privacy and personal data protection measures specific to the use of biometric technologies with a VSS (e.g. internationally recognizable signage) are fit for purpose, and that societal considerations are reflected in the deployed system.

This document also provides information on related recognition and detection tasks in a VSS, such as:

     estimation of crowd densities;

     determination of patterns of movement of individuals;

     identification of individuals appearing in more than one camera;

     use of other biometric modalities such as gait or iris;

     use of specialized software to infer attributes of individuals, e.g. estimation of gender and age;

     interfaces to another related functionality, e.g. video analytics to measure queue lengths or to provide alerts for abandoned baggage.

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