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GSO ASTM F537:2023
ASTM F537:01(2019) 
Gulf Standard
Standard Specification for Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Fences Constructed of Wood and Related Materials
GSO ASTM C348:2023
ASTM C348:21 
Gulf Standard
Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars
GSO EN 17038-1:2023
EN 17038-1:2019 
Gulf Standard
Pumps - Methods of qualification and verification of the Energy Efficiency Index for rotodynamic pump units - Part 1: General requirements and procedures for testing and calculation of Energy Efficiency Index (EEI)
GSO ISO 14245:2023
ISO 14245:2021 
Gulf Standard
Gas cylinders — Specifications and testing of LPG cylinder valves — Self-closing
GSO ISO 19901-8:2023
ISO 19901-8:2014 
Gulf Standard
Petroleum and natural gas industries — Specific requirements for offshore structures — Part 8: Marine soil investigations
GSO ISO/TR 23750:2023
ISO/TR 23750:2021 
Gulf Standard
Cosmetics — Answers to frequently asked questions on ingredients and product characterization according to ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2
GSO IEC 61853-2:2023
IEC 61853-2:2016 
Gulf Standard
Photovoltaic (PV) module performance testing and energy rating - Part 2: Spectral responsivity, incidence angle and module operating temperature measurements
GSO IEC TS 63126:2023
IEC TS 63126:2020 
Gulf Standard
Guidelines for qualifying PV modules, components and materials for operation at high temperatures
GSO ISO 21250-4:2023
ISO 21250-4:2020 
Gulf Standard
Rolling bearings — Noise testing of rolling bearing greases — Part 4: Test and evaluation method NQ
GSO ISO 21250-2:2023
ISO 21250-2:2020 
Gulf Standard
Rolling bearings — Noise testing of rolling bearing greases — Part 2: Test and evaluation method BQ+
GSO ISO 18808:2023
ISO 18808:2021 
Gulf Standard
Agricultural tyres for construction machines
GSO ASTM F2193:2023
ASTM F2193:20 
Gulf Standard
Standard Specifications and Test Methods for Components Used in the Surgical Fixation of the Spinal Skeletal System