BH GSO ISO/TR 16335:2017

Bahraini Standard   Current Edition
Approved on  21 June 2017

Corrosion of metals and alloys -- Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres -- Guidelines for selection of accelerated corrosion test for product qualification

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BH GSO ISO/TR 16335:2017 Scope

This Technical Report is applicable for the selection of suitable accelerated atmospheric corrosion tests for qualification of products with metallic materials without or with permanent corrosion protection or temporary corrosion protection. The characteristics of a number of standardized accelerated corrosion tests are also given to serve as a guide in the preparation of test specifications. In this Technical Report the following aspects are taken into account: — Categories of accelerated atmospheric corrosion tests — Recommended fields of application for the different kinds of tests and their suitability — Corrosivity of tests and relative corrosion rates of standard metals — Requirements for test equipment, criteria for reproducibility and correlation with in-service performance — Recommended procedures for product qualification The main purpose of this Technical Report is to present a framework for comparing the different accelerated corrosion test methods, which presently are available as International Standards. The suitability of a test method varies with the requirements set by the intended application of the product.

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