GSO 1553:2002

Gulf Technical Regulation   Current Edition
Edition : 1 Approved on  21 October 2002

Resistance thermometer sensors made of platinum,copper or nickel ( for industrial and commercial use)

GSO 1553:2002 Files

Arabic 5 Pages
Current Edition
7.5 BHD
English 3 Pages
Current Edition Reference Language
6.5 BHD

GSO 1553:2002 Scope

This standard specifies the metrological characteristics required for electrical resistance thermometer sensors (hereinafter referred to as “sensors”) having a sensing element made of platinum, copper or nickel, designed for use in measuring temperatures in the range - 200oC to + 850oC, or in a part of that range, and intended for industrial and commercial use. It does not apply to instruments for the measurement of resistance, nor to indicating instruments

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