GSO ISO 6935-2:2007

Gulf Standard   Historical
Approved on  26 September 2007

Steel for the reinforcement of concrete – Part 2: Ribbed bars

Concrete structures
Including the repair and protection of concrete products and structures

GSO ISO 6935-2:2007 Files

English 20 Pages
Historical Reference Language
51.04 BHD

GSO ISO 6935-2:2007 Scope

This part of ISO 6935 specifies technical requirements for ribbed bars to be used as reinforcement in concrete. This part of ISO 6935 covers ten steel grades not intended for welding which are B300A-R, B300B-R, B300C-R, B300D-R, B400A-R, B400B-R, B400C-R, B500A-R, B500B-R and B500C-R, and eleven steel grades intended for welding which are B300DWR, B350DWR, B400AWR, B400BWR, B400CWR, B400DWR, B420DWR, B500AWR, B500BWR, B500CWR and B500DWR. The steel grades are designated with steel names allocated in accordance with ISO/TS 4949. NOTE The first “B” stands for steel for reinforcing concrete. The next 3 digits represent the specified characteristic value of upper yield strength. The fifth symbol stands for ductility class (4.5). The sixth symbol relates to welding; “-” means not intended for welding and “W” means intended for welding. The last “R” stands for ribbed bar. This part of ISO 6935 covers products delivered in straight lengths. The production process is at the discretion of the manufacturer. Ribbed bars produced from finished products, such as plates and railway rails, are excluded.

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