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GSO 938:2009

Gulf Standard   Current Edition

Test Methods for Chemical Properties of Portland Cement

This GSO standard specifies testing methods for the chemical characteristics of Portland hydraulic cement and includes the following tests: 1.1 Determination of loss by burning 1.2 Determination of physical precipitates of dissolution 1.3 Determination of total silica (silicon dioxide) 1.4 Determination of total oxides 1.5 Determination of total calcium oxide. 1.6 Determination of magnesium rate (MgO) 1.7 Determination of ferric oxide (Fe O3) 1.8 Determination of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) 1.9 Determination of sulphur trioxide (SO3)
11 February 2009


Arabic 58 Pages
Current Edition Reference Language
25.0 BHD
English 36 Pages
Current Edition
21.5 BHD

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