GSO IEC 60349-4:2017

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
· Approved on 03 October 2017 ·

Electric traction - Rotating electrical machines for rail and road vehicles - Part 4: Permanent magnet synchronous electrical machines connected to an electronic converter

Railway rolling stock
Including materials, components, electric and electronic equipment for railway rolling stock

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GSO IEC 60349-4:2017 Scope

This part of IEC 60349 applies to converter-fed permanent magnet synchronous motors or generators (machines) forming part of the equipment of electrically propelled rail and road vehicles. This standard is derived from IEC 60349-2 changing the subject to permanent magnet synchronous machines. The object of this part is to enable the performance of a machine to be confirmed by tests and to provide a basis for assessment of its suitability for a specified duty and for comparison with other machines. Where further testing is to be undertaken in accordance with a combined test, it may be preferable, that some type and investigation tests be carried out on the combined test bed, to avoid duplication. Particular attention is drawn to the need for collaboration between the designers of the machine and its associated converter as detailed in 5.1. NOTE 1 This part also applies to machines installed on trailers hauled by powered vehicles. NOTE 2 The basic requirements of this part may be applied to machines for special purpose vehicles such as mine locomotives but this part does not cover flameproof or other special features that may be required. NOTE 3 It is not intended that this part should apply to machines on small road vehicles, such as battery-fed delivery vehicles, factory trucks, etc. This part also does not apply to minor machines such as windscreen wiper motors, etc. that may be used on all types of vehicles. NOTE 4 Industrial type machines complying with IEC 60034 may be suitable for some auxiliary drives, provided that it is demonstrated that operation on a converter supply will meet the requirements of the particular application. The electrical input to motors covered by this part is be from an electronic converter. Generators may be connected to a rectifier or a converter. The machines covered by this part are classified as follows: a) Traction motors Motors for propelling rail or road vehicles. b) Main generators Generators for supplying power to traction motors on the same vehicle or train. c) Auxiliary motors not covered by IEC 60034 Motors for driving compressors, fans, auxiliary generators or other auxiliary machines. d) Auxiliary generators not covered by IEC 60034 Generators for supplying power for auxiliary services such as air conditioning, heating, lighting and battery charging, etc.

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