GSO ASTM F1257:2021

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
Approved on  01 July 2021

Standard Guide for Selection and Practice of Emergency Medical Services Instructor for Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

First aid
Including kits, equipment, facilities and medical transport for first aid

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GSO ASTM F1257:2021 Scope

1.1 This guide is intended to assist emergency medical services (EMS) agencies and institutions in selecting and utilizing individuals who teach in EMT (emergency medical technician) training programs that include instruction in advanced life support knowledge and skills. 1.2 This guide identifies six categories of instructor in an AEMT (advanced emergency medical technician) training program: adjunct instructor, clinical/field-preceptor, practical skills instructor, associate instructor, course instructor/ coordinator (I/C), and course administrator. The guide recognizes that an individual may, depending on his/her level of practice and the training program involved, function in any or all of these categories. 1.3 This guide includes specific guidelines for qualifications, training, education, experience, scope of authority, responsibilities, continuing education, evaluation, and maintenance of competency when applicable. 1.4 This guide does not include specific guidelines for the course administrator or the adjunct instructor. While the guide recognizes, by offering a definition of each category, that these types of individuals function in many AEMT training programs, the limited instructional roles played by these individuals preclude the need for specific selection and utilization guidelines. 1.5 This guide is intended to apply to any individual who teaches in an AEMT training programs regardless of the individual’s present level of clinical practice.

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