GSO ISO 11553-1:2022

Gulf Standard   Current Edition
· Approved on 10 October 2022 ·

Safety of machinery — Laser processing machines — Part 1: Laser safety requirements

Optoelectronics. Laser equipment
Including photoelectric tubes and cells

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English 22 Pages
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55.56 BHD

GSO ISO 11553-1:2022 Scope

This document describes laser radiation hazards arising in laser processing machines, as defined in 3.7. It also specifies the safety requirements relating to laser radiation hazards, as well as the information to be supplied by the manufacturers of such equipment (in addition to that prescribed by IEC 60825).

Requirements dealing with noise as a hazard from laser processing machines are included in ISO 11553‑3:2013.

This document is applicable to machines using laser radiation to process materials.

It is not applicable to laser products, or equipment containing such products, which are manufactured solely and expressly for the following applications:

— photolithography;

— stereolithography;

— holography;

— medical applications (per IEC 60601-2-22);

— data storage.

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