ISO 14907-2:2021

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Electronic fee collection — Test procedures for user and fixed equipment — Part 2: Conformance test for the on-board unit application interface

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This document describes tests which verify on-board unit (OBU) conformance of functions and data structures implementations, as defined in the implementation conformance statement (ICS) based on ISO 14906 for EFC applications.

This document defines tests for assessing OBU conformance in terms of :

— basic dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) L7 functionality,

— EFC application functions,

— EFC attributes (i.e. EFC application information),

— the addressing procedures of EFC attributes and (hardware) components,

— the EFC transaction model, which defines the common elements and steps of any EFC transaction, and

— the behaviour of the interface so as to support interoperability on an EFC-DSRC application interface level.

After the tests of isolated data items and functions (C.2 to C.4), an example is given for testing a complete EFC transaction (C.3). Although this document defines examples of test cases for DSRC and EFC functionality (see Annex C), it does not intend to specify a complete test suite for a certain implementation. To compose a test suite for a specific EFC implementation, the test cases can be modified and new test cases can be defined and added in order for the conformance test suite to be complete. It can be useful to consider the following when defining a complete test suite:

— small range: "exhaustive testing" of critical interoperability/compatibility features,

— large range: testing of boundaries and random values, and

— composite types: testing of individual items in sequence or parallel.

This document does not define tests which assess:

— performance,

— robustness, and

— reliability of an implementation.

NOTE 1 ISO 14907‑1 defines test procedures that are aimed at assessing performance, robustness and reliability of EFC equipment and systems.

NOTE 2 The ISO/IEC 10373 series defines test methods for proximity, vicinity, integrated circuit(s) cards and related devices that can be relevant for OBUs which support such cards.

Annex D provides an informative overview of Japanese on-board equipment (OBE) conformance tests which are based on the ISO 14907 series, in order to illustrate how these can be applied in practice.

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